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In 1999, KUURAKU GROUP opened Charcoal Grill Bar KUURAKU  in Motoyawata,Chiba.
5 years later, there were 11 shops in the chain, and its first restaurant abourad opened in Vancouber, Canada.
Now in 2015, the chain has 21 shops in Japan, 3 in Canada, 3 in India, and 1 in Indonesia.

Why Choose KUURAKU?


Yakitori is a Grilled Chicken on Skewers, one of the authentic Japanese dish.
Its tempting aroma of original sauce has attracted people.  It is also a big merit of using chichen that it is easier to find a supplier compared with other kinds of meats like pork and beef.


“Omotenashi” is a noun that means to entertain guests wholeheartedly.
What we are serving delicious food not to fulfill the stomachs  of guests but to fulfill their hearts with happiness.

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